Law office in Athens & Pyrgos

THEODOROU Law Office & Associates ® brings together the talents of each of the specialties of law practiced. We are located in Athens and Pyrgos, with expertise in both public and private law. All together, we combine decades of experience in our respective fields. This synergy of skills allows us to respond to clients’ problematics in both domestic and international law. Thanks to a great professional network in and outside Europe, we are able to ensure your interests all over the globe.

Unlike other law firms, our collaboration is based on the solid principles of the family, whose interdisciplinary approach is characterised by practical case assumption and a tradition-oriented spirit.

Our values


We process your case with attention to detail and without delay


Because our know-how is matched only by our discretion


Our moral firmness reflects our apprehension to work

Legal strategy

In favour of your success, throughout the procedure

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