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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the website https://www.theodoroulawoffice.com and services provided on the website (hereinafter “Terms of Use” or “TOU”).

Date of update : 9 May 2022

Legal information

Theodorou Law Office & Associates©, a group of sole proprietorships registered in the Greek National Register of Lawyers and foreigner collaborators, created in 2022 by Mariniki THEODOROU.

Mpizaniou 8, Pyrgos, 27131

E-mail : contact@theodoroulawoffice.com

Pyrgos Bar Association, Greece.

Nomenclature : Legal services.

The use of this website (hereinafter referred to as “THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES©“) is subject to the conditions set out below. The user/visitor (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) is obliged to read the conditions of use of the website carefully and to use/visit its web pages/services only if he/she accepts them in full. The use, navigation and access to this website constitute effective acceptance of the following terms of use. These terms of use may be reviewed and updated at any time and without prior notice, by notifying them through this website, on the dedicated “Legal Notice” page.

Article 1. Purpose – Scope of application
The purpose of this site is to provide users with a presentation of legal services specialising in the fields set out in the headings and sub-headings of the said site. The director of publication of https://theodoroulawoffice.com is Emilie LE BON (hereinafter referred to as the “Director of Publication”).

Article 2. User content
The Director of Publication makes every effort to ensure that the content of the site and the information displayed are as accurate, precise and up-to-date as possible. The site also provides the content (e.g. information, names, photos, illustrations, etc.) and services available on its website “AS IS”. In no event shall the site be liable for any legal, civil or criminal claims or damages (positive, special or reimbursable) of the user / visitor of this site. Furthermore, the Director of Publication reserves the right to modify, add, alter the content or services of its website at any time it deems necessary, without prior notice, by notifying them through this website.

THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© must be used solely for legal purposes and in such a way as not to restrict or prevent its use by third parties. The user/visitor of this website is obliged to use it in accordance with the law and these terms of use. The user/visitor of this site shall not commit any acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction and that may harm or jeopardise the provision of its services to users.

Article 3. Offer of services
THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© offers certain online services (online appointment booking, contact via the contact form) to users of the website. Without any contractual obligation, users of the website may browse the website of THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES©. However, it is forbidden to abuse, harass, threaten or otherwise violate the legitimate rights of others, and furthermore, to post, distribute or disseminate any defamatory, abusive, immoral, obscene or illegal material from the communication tools made available to the User.

It is forbidden to upload or attach files containing software or other material protected by THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES©‘s copyright, unless the User owns or controls its rights or has obtained all necessary consents.

It is also forbidden to upload or attach files that contain viruses, corrupted files or any other similar software or programs that may damage the computer of others.
Similarly, uploading, posting, emailing, transmitting or distributing unwanted advertising for any goods or services, or conducting surveys, contests, “spam” or chain letters, etc. is prohibited.

Article 4. Personal data
The management and protection of the personal data of the visitors/users of THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© are subject to the terms of this notice as well as to the applicable national, European and international law on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. In any case, the Publishing Director reserves the right to modify the conditions of personal data protection in accordance with the applicable European legal framework. Consequently, these personal data protection conditions may be reviewed and updated at any time and without prior notice. The website only collects personal data from visitors/users of THEODOROU LAW OFFICE when they voluntarily provide it for the purpose of providing the services available electronically or in paperless form. The data collected on the site is not intended to be sold to a third party for commercial purposes. It is only used and processed for professional purposes, in the sole exercise of the competences of the legal specialists working in the office.

The rights that a registered user may exercise in relation to the personal data that he/she has registered with this THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© in accordance with the RGPD Regulation are the :

– right of access to your personal data stored by us,
– the right to rectify inaccurate data,
– the right to delete your stored data,
– the right to restrict the processing of your data,
– the right to data portability,
– right to object

Article 5. Protection of personal data
In Europe, you may contact the competent supervisory authority in your country of residence in order to submit questions or complaints regarding the processing of personal data subject to its jurisdiction under the applicable provisions of the RGPD.
For any request for deletion, rectification of data and any exercise of its right related to the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, the user should contact the site administration, available at the following address : contact@theodoroulawoffice.com. All valid requests must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s identity document in order to verify the conformity of the said request.
The Publishing Director will not disclose or otherwise divulge any personally identifiable information of visitors/users of the site to unrelated third parties without the consent of the visitor/user. The Director of Publication is committed to protecting the personal data of THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© users. The employees of THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© who have access to the personal information of the users and who are involved in the process of processing such information are obliged to respect the privacy and confidentiality of such information, in accordance with the lawyer-client privilege.

THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© may contain links to third party sites (social networks). The third party sites are solely responsible for the content of their sites or any damage resulting from their use, the user/visitor of the site accessing them under his/her own responsibility. THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© is in no way responsible for any form of damage suffered by the user/visitor of the sites, services, choices and contents of this site. Nor does it guarantee that the websites or servers through which a relevant service is made available to the user/visitor are free of “viruses” or other malicious software, as it does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or availability of the content, web pages, services, choices or results of their use.

Article 6. Billing and fees
The User who seeks advice from THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© only becomes a Client (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) after a case has been opened by one of the legal professionals and collaborators of the Website. Only the first telephone appointment is free of charge, the opening of a case being a reason for invoicing.

The question of fees is settled with each client before the firm’s intervention. Each of the professionals collaborating within THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© is free to set his or her fees according to the needs relating to the contract, a contract which is binding on the parties involved. The complexitý of the case, the time, the urgency of its treatment, and the stake it represents are the main criteria taken into account when setting the fees. The Site’s professional is also able to ask for the payment of a deposit on the basis of a fixed sum corresponding to a procedure requiring an advance of costs or by simple enjoyment. A subscription formula can also be chosen by trustees and companies who wish to have regular support.

Any case investigated that is abandoned by the client for any reason whatsoever will automatically be charged 180 euros excluding VAT. This lump sum covers the costs of compensation for time spent between the first and the second appointment.

Article 7. Cookies
You will read our privacy policy when you first log in and choose whether or not to accept it. 

7.1 Cookies Policy
When you use our site, information linked to the navigation of your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) may be recorded in “cookies” files deposited on your terminal. You have the possibility of expressing your choices concerning these cookies, and of modifying them at any time.

7.2 What is a cookie?
The term “cookie” refers to multiple technologies (cookies, tags, pixels, Javascript code, etc.) used to track the browsing behaviour of visitors to a site. These technologies are constantly evolving. A cookie is a small text file recorded by the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone and which makes it possible to store user data in order to facilitate browsing and allow certain functions. It is presented to you in the form of a “pop-up” window allowing you to save your preferences, personalise them, accept or refuse them when you first connect.

7.3 Functional cookies
These cookies are essential for browsing our site and, in particular, for measuring the audience. Analytical and audience measurement cookies. These cookies enable us to establish statistics and monitor the volume of visits to and use of our services, to improve them and your experience as a user of our sites. To do this, we use audience measurement cookies, in particular Google Analytics.

7.4 Accepting or rejecting cookies
You have several options for managing cookies. Any settings you may make (acceptance or refusal of cookies) may modify your browsing on our sites and your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of these cookies.If you choose to refuse the recording of cookies in your terminal or if you delete those recorded there, we decline all responsibility for the consequences linked to the degraded functioning of our services resulting from the impossibility for us to record or consult the cookies necessary for their functioning.
More information on cookies, tags and tracers, please contact the authority in charge in your country or residency.

Article 8. Modification of the services or terms of use
THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© reserves the right to make changes at any time to any of the Website’s services, content, terms and conditions, including these TOU.

Users are subject to the terms and conditions, procedures and TOU in effect at the time they use the Site. If any provision of the TOU is found to be invalid, void or unenforceable for any reason, that provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

Article 9. Liability
THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© can only be held liable to the user for facts that are directly attributable to it and that cause it damage directly linked to these facts. It cannot be held liable for indirect damage. THEODOROU LAW OFFICE& ASSOCIATES© may not be held liable for misuse of the Website by the User or for any fault on its part.

Article 10. Partial invalidity
If one or more of the stipulations of these TOU are held to be invalid or declared as such in application of a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations shall retain all their force and scope.

Article 11. Applicable law and settlement of disputes
These conditions are governed by Greek law. In case of doubt about the translation, the original English version shall prevail.
In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code relating to the amicable settlement of disputes, the User may use the online dispute resolution platform set up by the European Commission available by clicking on the following link.

If the User does not wish to benefit from mediation, if the mediation has not been successful or if the User could have accomplished to try to reach an amicable resolution of his dispute with THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES©, he may refer the matter to the competent jurisdiction of the place where he resided at the time of the conclusion of the contract or of the occurrence of the harmful event, or of the place where THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES© operates.

Article 12. Intellectual property
All texts, comments, works, illustrations, works and images of the products and services represented on the website are strictly reserved under copyright law and intellectual property law, for the entire duration of the protection of these rights and for the entire world.
In this respect and in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, only use for private purposes is authorised, subject to different or even more restrictive provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.
Any reproduction, representation, modification or adaptation, in whole or in part, of the site and/or of all or part of the elements found on the site or integrated into it is strictly forbidden.
The company names, brands and distinctive signs of the products and services appearing on the site are protected under trademark law. The reproduction or representation of all or part of one of the aforementioned signs is strictly forbidden and must be subject to prior written authorisation from the trademark holder. Any total or partial reproduction of this content without the authorisation of the author and/or the owner of the trademark is strictly forbidden and is likely to constitute an infringement of copyright. 

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