Our law office provides you with legal support, both by advising you on civil and criminal law issues,
and by representing you out of court and in court.

Civil law

The firm intervenes to advise and defend you before the Courts in all areas of private law, and specifically in personal, family and estate law, Real estate law, and insurance law (liability, accidents).

Marriage and adoption for same-sex couples

Theodorou Law Office & Associates is glad to provide the legalization of your same-sex union. Since the law of February 15, 2024, marriage and adoption for same-sex couples has been legalized in Greece. This is why we now offer our foreign clients, whether Greek nationals or not, the possibility of having their marriage and the affiliation of their children recognized.

Family and estate law

We represent you in cases of divorce under agreement or amicably for a quick and efficient settlement of your family situation thanks to a perfect knowledge of the local judicial mechanism. This expertise includes tax aspects. In addition, the firm has particular expertise in the liquidation of matrimonial regimes and to settle inheritance problems either amicably or in court.

Real Estate Law

Our expertise covers all areas of real estate law, including sales, taxation, real estate appraisal, co-ownership law, civil and commercial leases. This includes disputes related to :

  • Right to lease,
  • Unpaid rents,
  • Unhealthy housing,
  • eviction,
  • The return of the security deposit,
  • Contracts for the construction of individual houses,
  • The decennial guarantee,
  • The defects,
  • Assistance to experts.

Insurance law and civil liability

Our expert lawyers will accompany and assist you in all your disputes relating to the civil law of obligations and persons, including :

  • Road accidents and their compensation,
  • Compensation for personal injury,
  • Support and preparation of the file in case of medical expertise,
  • medical liability.

Our rates are calculated on a fixed and transparent basis without exceeding fees.

Criminal law

Because we benefit from a prestigious network of partners specialized in criminal law, we are able to propose the analysis of your case as well as a rapid handling of your case. Our partners will represent you before public bodies or private companies and before courts of all levels of jurisdiction at the bars of Pyrgos and Athens.

We assist our client througout the following procedures :

  • Interrogatories,
  • Pre-investigation,
  • Preliminary examination (appearance, writing apologetic memoranda, etc.),
  • Criminal conciliation,
  • Criminal negotiation,
    Defense in all criminal courts, (Single, Three-member, Court of Appeal, etc.),
  • Mergers, objections, cancellations, suspensions of court decison, etc.

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email throught the “Contact”‘s section, in order to frame the legal advice mission dedicated to your case.

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