Financial and Taxation Law

THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES ® has a solid technical knowledge, based on years of experience and a depth and breadth of tax law expertise that few can match in Athens. As a specialist in tax matters, we offer a comprehensive service to assist our clients throughout Greece and third countries by defining your strategy through :

  • Relocation and tax optimization,
  • Planning,
  • Financing of the operation,
  • VAT

This includes, as an upstream stage, identifying:

  • The overview of the tax structure,
  • The type of legal structure to be set up accordingly the competent, jurisdiction and local tax authorities,
  • The different business vehicles used by non-residents to conduct their business and the associated tax characteristics,
  • The alternative methods of financing
  • The direct and indirect taxes and duties.


Our activities operate in Southern Europe like Greece and Cyprus, or U.K. and other countries and jurisdictions around the globe.

We offer an initial consultation by phone or online to define the scope of the assignment.  Our tax resolutions are proposed at a fixed cost based on client needs.

International Commerce

We provide the best legal, business and strategic advice to companies of all types and sizes, from start-ups to big names for global integration of commerce :

  • Drafting and negotiation of corporate contracts, 
  • Establishment of Greek companies of all forms and modification of articles of association, 
  • Mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs, 
  • Legal audits of companies, 
  • Corporate governance, 
  • Trademark registration, 
  • Provision of legal advice in relation to the applicable legislative and regulatory framework.

Our team will provide pragmatic, business-focused advice to support the best interests of your organization.

Risk & Compliance

Because compliance is a legal matter, it cannot be entrusted to an employee for whom objectivity is required. It is neither a business nor an administrative matter. Only an expert in reading and adapting international law with a solid background in this field is able to interpret and apply international laws, whether binding or non-binding. Therefor, strong economic skills allow the understanding of the company’s stakes superimposed on the requirements of the law to define the risks to which it is exposed.

Risks and Compliance programme

Our expertise leads us to support our clients around three key risk areas : business ethics/anti-corruption/anti briberies compliance and data protection compliance. We are able to identify your failures and propose measures to adapt to a constantly demanding regulatory landscape.

This expertise is based on the implementation, improvment or reinforcement of each category of programmes :

For firms and industries :

  • KYC (country risk ; operational risk ; commercial relation, client profil),
  • Conflict of interest and decision-making power,
  • Competitors and business intelligence’s protection,
  • Suppliers and due diligence,
  • Technical requirements and upgrades adapted to European and international texts,
  • Monitoring, independent auditing and controls tools,
  • Donations and sponsorphip for charitable, societal, professional trade,
  • Lobbying and advisement with public officials,
  • Money laundering and terrorism financing risks.

For individuals in workplace :

  • Employee code of conduct, structured around the following topics :
    • Anti-harassment and anti discrinination regardind policies, 
    • Integrity and loyalty awarness toward firm, 
    • Gift gratuities and impropers external influences, 
    • Fraud, environment waste and abuse, 
    • False claims, 
    • Safe self behaviour and professional boudaries ; etc.
  • Employer’s obligations, such as :
    • Physical and mental workplace hazards, 
    • Working conditions and social representation of employees, 
    • Dangers and right of withdrawal, 
    • Education and training programs, 
    • Implementing corrective actions, 
    • Structuring team building ; behaviour and professional boudaries ; etc.

Our specialist’s aims is to educate firm’s employees about the standards of conduct that apply to their jobs and the potential consequences, including on anti-corruption. It is equally important to ensure that employees and Directors receive the right level of training and awareness around internal directives in particular through training courses.

Any firm is required to handle personal data in accordance with applicable data privacy laws at national, European and international levels. In doing so, the office help your technical teams to :

  • Apply a consistent approach, by setting data security standards for personal data processing in line with global best practices,
  • Ensure adequate security of the company’s communication systems to prevent leakage of confidential information.
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