Golden visa

THEODOROU LAW OFFICE & ASSOCIATES ® is a law office specialized in Immigration Law & Real Estate Law and in International Taxation. Its network of experts is composed of notaries, accountants, civil engineers, topographers, real estate agents, which allows to provide a complete and turnkey service to facilitate a project of establishment in Greece. 

With a recognized experience among its clients and peers, Theodorou Law Office has successfully concluded numerous Golden Visa cases for demanding clients in the context of legally and technically complex projects.

This coordination is established as :

  • Persons with permanent residence in Greece and family reunification,
  • Management of real estate property,
  • Long-term residence permits and Nationality through Naturalization,
  • Investment capital and settlement,
  • Golden Visa and Renewal.

Social integration & nationality for individuals

Our expertise is particularly aimed at foreign investors who are able to invest assets in Greece, giving them the right to permanent residence and access to the Schengen area.

Permit for Investors 

  • Real estate investment (permit renewable every 5 years),
  • General investment activity (permit renewable every 5 years),
  • Strategic investment (permit renewable every 10 years).

Any category of Residence Permit with regard to Law 4251/2014 known as “Immigration and Social Integration Code and other regulations” and in compliance with the following internal regulations :

– Law of New Development 4399/2016,

– Law 4251/2014, amended by Law 4332/2015,

– Golden Visa Programs in Greece, Management and Transfer Non-Performing Loans (NPLS), according to Law 4354/2015 amended by Laws 4389/2016 and 4393/2016 and following.

Permanent residency 

Our practice in the field of foreigners and immigration law is particularly appreciated for the excellent support provided to our clients wishing to legalize their stay on Greek territory through the following procedures :

  • Residence permit for non-EU family member of Greek or other EU citizens,
  • Residence permit for financially independent person (FIP),
  • Residence permit for students at Greek universities,
  • Residence permit for self-employed entrepreneurs,
  • Residence permit for non-EU spouse or child (younger than 21) of a non-EU citizen living and working in Greece for two years (family reunification),
  • Residence permit for European retired persons.

Digital nomad visa for Greece

Nomadic workers, our office helps you to apply for a Digital Visa for Greece, whether you are already living in Greece or are planning to settle abroad. The conditions for applying for this visa, which are governed by law 4825/2021, require continuous support and monitoring to validate the administrative procedure as swiftly as possible. We assist you in compiling the documents to be entered in your record application and take responsibility for its submission to the competent authorities in order to finalise your settlement project for one or two years.

Please note that this type D visa also enables family reunification.

Real estate law for investors

For the provision of our office, we have a national and international network of experts in construction law, notaries and associated engineers.

We represent clients who wish to acquire professional or individual real estate in Greece (commercial and/or personal residence) in consideration of the following procedures:

  • Issuance of Tax Identification Numbers in Greece for foreigners,
  • Drafting of powers of attorney,
  • Legal investigations at the Land Registry Offices, Urban Planning Authorities or the National Land Registry in order to verify the status of the property in question (titles, legal burdens, mortgage, hidden defects, etc.),
  • Negotiations with sellers/buyers to finalize the terms of the transaction,
  • Property transactions (coordination with banks, opening of bank accounts, advice on financial products),
  • Defense of the client’s interests at the time of the signature before the Notary, including the resolution of disputes between the different parties represented (seller / buyer),
  • Property and real estate management OFFICE which includes the identification of properties for sale according to the investment criteria: type of property, available budget, best location according to project),
  • Negotiation with sellers and execution of property management tasks and contracts,
  • Taxation and optimization of taxes for the buyer such as the declaration of the status of the property (E9), the unification of the property tax (EN F.I.A.) in accordance with the provisions of Article L. 4223/2013, if applicable,
  • Taxation of real estate income in accordance with the Income Tax Code and local internal circulars.
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